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The benefits of choosing i4 Solutions

When it comes time to choose a provider, we understand you need to make an informed business decision and go with an organisation who can make every part of your project a success.  Here's a few reasons why you can trust i4 Solutions to take care of your business.

Business Strength
We aren't a fly-by-night operation.  Our operations commenced in 2002 and our team of dedicated specialists are trained to produce commercial solutions of a high standard which conform with industry best practices.  Our infrastructure is world class with our servers located at Global Switch in Sydney, Australia and our service is reliable, honest and well regarded by many clients.

Reliable Support
When you need help, we're here to help!  Support is important to us and we know you need expertise when a situation occurs.  Our team will help make sure your support case is dealt with promptly and professionally to make sure you are back online with minimal disruption.

Value for Money
At the end of the day, business is competitive and you can't afford to waste money.  We will work with you to develop solutions and services which are within your budget and help drive your business into the future.

Our team of specialists are well trained in their respective fields and we know how important it is to make sure you are dealing with a company who has substantial experience.  We regularly participate in industry training and sessions to make sure we are abreast of the changing IT landscape.

Take the journey and let i4 Solutions take you there!